Valley Generator Services, LLC Serving Portions of the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area
Valley Generator Services, LLCServing Portions of the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area

Installation, Repair, and Service of standby Generators


Focusing exclusively on repair, service, and installation of emergency power systems, Valley Generator Services LLC is your go-to source for all your residential and commercial power generation needs. 


All routine service work should be done regularly, to identify small problems before they become costly repairs. Changing the oil and filters is a great start, but that is only the beginning of service.  This periodic service, combined with eyes on inspections, component adjustment, lubrication, necessary parts replacement, and cleaning is essential to extending equipment service life and reliability.


Unlike some electrical and HVAC companies that perform generator service as a "side line", the Valley Generator Services team specializes on exactly one thing: generators. From evaluation of need, installation, or providing ongoing maintenance by system testing, repairs or service, our experts are focused exclusively on providing the highest quality generator care and customer service in the region.


Our on-site services include engine replacement and repairs, troubleshooting transfer switch problems, load testing, and general maintenance. Our team can also help assess your system to ensure it’s working properly and offer recommendations to improve your existing generator reliability.


Valley Generator Services covers projects throughout much of northern Alabama and southern Tennessee, and with decades of experience in the industry, you can trust them for professional and expert work on any job – big or small.


Did you know, that according to  installing a standby generator system ranks even better for return on investment than adding a bathroom, in improving the resale value of your home? 


To schedule a service appointment or, for more information, contact Valley Generator

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What we do.

Our Work

See some of our past installation and maintenance projects in the gallery.  We specialize in "turn-key" installations whether a generator for your lake house, or commercial facilty.  Anywhere you need reliable power.

 expert service and repair  for KOHLER, GENERAC, and WINCO (Winpower) generator systems-air cooled or liquid cooled-diesel, propane or natural gas standby generators.


For your convenience we offer:

Recurring maintenance and service-what you need, when you need it.



We can also customize most maintenance agreements to meet your specific needs and budget.


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