Generator Repair Specalist in Decatur, Huntsville, AL
Generator Repair Specalist in Decatur, Huntsville, AL
Valley Generator Services, llc. Serving the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area
Valley Generator Services, llc.Serving the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area

Welcome to Valley Generator Services, LLC.

When the power goes out, you want to know your backup generator system is ready to go.  The professionals at Valley Generator Services will get your system installed, or serivced, checked and tested to ensure that you can be confident in your emergency power system.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade, maintain, have an existing generator system in need of repair, or you’re exploring new options for your home or business, the highly trained and knowledgeable experts at Valley Generator Services can customize a solution for you. Their team represents decades of knowledge in the power generation services industry we can take care of your generator problems.


Valley Generator Services is also an authorized retailer, installer and warranty service provider for Kohler and Generac residential and commercial generators up to 150 kW, and all WInco, residential or commercial generators and automatic transfer switches.  We also provide service for many other makes and models, such as Gillette, Blue Star, Eaton, GE, Onan, Carrier, as well as Zenith and ASCO transfer switches.


Trust the experienced and professional team at Valley Generator Services, LLC for all your generator installation, service, testing and maintenance needs.

For more information on their services or to schedule a service, call Valley Generator Services today at 256-341-8127 or email us:

We sell, install, and provide warranty service and repair for KOHLER generators.

We offer onsite LOAD TESTING.  This is an often overlooked test of your generator vital systems.  By load banking we can identify fuel system issues, failing hoses, cooling system for proper function, as well as identify leaks and other problems that cannot be revealed by merely performing weekly testing.  We can find those littly issues, before they be come big problems.


With significant experience in the power generation field, we have what it takes to solve the problem-before it happens.


At Valley Generator Services LLC, we offer a full range of generator services to meet your needs-find out how we can help you today! 

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